Six Advantages of Using VOIP Telephone Services

The first task for opening a business is finding a reliable phone service. We complete a huge amount of work on a computer every day, but businesses still need to have phones for communications with clients and other companies. VOIP telephone services use your internet connection to allow your business to make calls, so there are many benefits of using this technology instead of older systems. Here are the six biggest advantages of using VOIP telephone services for your business.

1. VOIP is Easy to Install and Maintain

IP phones are very easy to install, even if you have never installed one before. A VOIP service removes the need for someone to come in and run phone wires around your building. An IP phone can be connected to the computer and wireless networks.

Host VOIP software makes it inexpensive and easy to add users to the system. There is no hardware to install, so you only need the IP phones. There is also no software to install, so your system can be up in running in minutes.

2. Your Phone Number Stays the Same

Unlike traditional phone services, a VOIP phone number follows your employee from IP phone to IP phone because it is tied to their account. Employees can log in from any computer and have the same phone number.

Cloud VOIP telephone services allow you or your employees to access their phone number and message box anywhere in the world. This makes it great for your business, especially if you have workers who travel a lot for work.

3. Saves Money

The major reason that many businesses have switched to using a VOIP telephone service is that it saves money. Traditional phone services are expensive to install and need regular repairs and maintenance.

Your business also saves money on a VOIP service installation. The cost of VOIP calls is also lower than traditional phone services. If your company is going to be making a lot of international calls, you can save hundreds of dollars with a VOIP, because all the calls are priced the same.

4. Integration with Other Systems

VOIP systems can be easily integrated with many systems and applications that your business uses every day. This is because the VOIP system is internet-based. You can place calls using email information, so you can create records of all inbound and outbound calls.

5. A Wide Range of Call Features

VOIP services can come with a huge amount of features. All the traditional phone services are included with most VOIP service packages. This can include call transfer, call hold, conference calling, and phone menus. For those needing to contact emergency ACLS BLS certification services VOIP is a great option. Within seconds you can be talking to an emergency healthcare provider that can get you help.

6. Some Older Technology is Supported.

Some VOIP services will allow you to fax documents using virtual faxing. Virtual faxing removes the need for a fax machine since it can use a scanner and send the fax to an email address.

VOIP telephone services offer a huge amount of benefits for a business, no matter its size. There are different VOIP services you can pick from to make sure that your business has the right features to work effectively.